Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009

Good news.....our satellite still works. We were able to get it put back together and working late yesterday and that is a very ‘goode’ thing!

We decided to head to Prescott today and check out the town. We went via the ‘back way’ along Skull Valley Road. This pass takes you up through the mountains, twisting and turning, up and down and all around. It is a beautiful drive......unless you are me and you have motion sickness and an aversion to heights. Then the ride becomes one of holding on for dear life---especially since DH seems to delight in my agitated state. He believes the posted speed limit of the twist and turns is merely a guideline and represents the lowest speed the curve my be approached.......he pushes the envelope......just how much faster can he go and still keep at least 4 of the 6 tires on the road. Thank goodness the truck comes with two ‘oh sh-t’ handles, although I could have used at least one more. DH says he will have to check the ceiling of the truck for finger imprints......oh my! Well, we made it and all in one piece....imagine that

Prescott is a nice little town. We headed down to Main Street and found ‘Whiskey Row’----your usual grouping of pubs and saloons with a few gift shops sprinkled in between. In the center of the block is a small public park. We would have stopped, but it was Saturday and the place was just good place for us to park. When we had seen enough we headed back toward Congress. Fortunately for me, DH decided to take 69 over to I17 heading south back to Wickenburg and than over to the skp park. That drive was a lot less traumatic for me, but still enjoyable and great scenery.

We had thought we might want to take the fiver over to Prescott and spend some time, but we saw all we needed to today. It is too touristy for us and way to many people-----maybe another trip and at a different time we will check it out again and see a different side. We had tried to stop at the visitors center for more info, but there was just no place to park.......after circling the block 3 times we gave up.

Finally, back home at the fiver. It had been a long day and most of it was spent in the truck. We were all ready for a little ‘recliner time’ and then off to bed......zzzzz


  1. Sherri is much the same when it comes to winding roads and drop off on either side. She likes the mountains in the distance but crossing them is not her gig. Enjoy and stay safe.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. I agree! I just can't handle all that turning without getting queasy. I'm good about clawing the roof and inside of the door. I'm glad you made it ok.

  3. I hear you! My dh drives the same way! Definitely consider stopping by Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood...via I-17 of course!!


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