Monday, March 16, 2009

March 15, 2009

Today, mmmmm what did we do today? Oh yeah, first of all I slept in today. I got up and let the furballs out around 6 or 7 and then I went back to bed. I normally don’t do that, but for some reason I just wasn’t ready to get up at that point. I think it was after 9 when I finally pried myself out of bed. DH got up too and we decided on pancakes for breakfast.

I managed to do a little beading on a bracelet I have been working on and off. It is called a caterpillar bracelet. You weave the basic bracelet and then add bead “fringe” for an all over fuzzy look---hence the name caterpillar. I’ll try to post some photos next time around. I also did a little sketching--working on my roadrunner and a jack rabbit.

After dinner, I headed up to the activities center for a little karaoke! There were not very many participants this evening---which was actually kinda nice. Not only did I get more ‘mike’ time, but I also tried some songs I might normally not take a chance on with a full house of listeners. Any way, had a great time singing and chatting didn’t make it back to the fiver till after 11pm. Wow, such a night owl........see there was a reason I slept into day, so I could keep my peepers open for a late night o’party-en!

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  1. Yes I too read Dreamcatcher and loved it. Well I just love to read and don't get much time to do so. I know when I retired I will have the time and plan on doing some. Hope to get to the desert sometime and enjoy the quiet. Glad to see you are enjoying life. Hope to see you again

    Joe and Sherri


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