Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 17, 2009

It was a hot one today. I did manage to get in about a 2 mile walk this morning. I also took a couple of photos of what is blooming next door in the 'sandlot'. I have no idea what they are, but they sure are pretty. After my walk, we headed into downtown for our usual farmers market Tuesday. This will be our last visit there, as we will be heading out next Tuesday. Not nearly so many 'shoppers' at the market today. A lot of the 'snowbirds' have already left.

Back at the fiver, it was laundry day. Now you talk about hot. The laundry room is small, no ventilation and no air. I got the washing started and than tried to sit outside in the shade, but the flies are so bad----that wasn't working either. I usually don't mind laundry, but today was a pain. But it is done! And what is the deal with these darn flies anyway......everyone is complaining this year and says they have never seen them so bad. It figures---pretty much sums up the 'goode' luck---if something weird is going to happen we are usually present for it---- especially if it is unpleasant! LOL

After the laundry, I crashed in my recliner. It was late afternoon, I was hot, I was tired, and that just seemed to be the perfect place to be. Nice breeze coming in the windows, little bit of fan action for added cooling, and off to dreamland I went.......

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  1. Wont be long and you will be headed north again. Sherri and I will be following your journal every step of the way. We head out on June 7th for Oklahoma. We have not decided all the stops yet but know they will come to us in time. Stay safe and have fun

    Joe and Sherri


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