Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 18,2009

I shared some photos yesterday, here is what DH likes to take pictures of.......our battery compartment LOL! Actually he is in research mode trying to figure out this whole system. What it is and is not capable of and what we can do to make it better. All in regards to this whole boondocking thing. Of course, he is still convinced that I will over run the gray water holding tanks in 24 hours or less. We'll see who wins that argument.......LOL

Been noticing a lot of butterflies in the air.....found out they are called 'Pretty Ladies' by the locals and they are making their annual migration. They look very much like a monarch butterfly only much smaller. For the last 3 days there has been literally 100's of them in the air........quite the sight.

We checked out a 99cent store today. Not our 'cup-o-tea'! One very messy store with lots of junk and some very irritating people. We won't be going there again.

That was pretty much our day----counting down til 'hitch day'

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  1. I assume you have solar??? I see you have plenty of battery power. I am thinking about doing the same with an inverter and more batteries but not the solar route yet. I have a generator (5500) and I want an inverter that will run the computer in the morning for a couple of hours and the TV at nights for 4 hours. Just don't know what size I need yet or how many batteries. I will recharge them with the generator when I need to. Solar will be much later down the road when I know I can afford it.

    Joe and Sherri


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