Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 7, 2009

Today I got the sewing machine out and decided to work on the “coverlets” for the sofa and recliners. Just want to add a little “pop” of color and have something to protect the upholstery. Our dogs don’t shed very much, but they do carry in dirt and sand and doggie odor. I need something I can wash on occasion. So, I came up with the ‘coverlet’ idea. Eventually I will probably do full blown slipcovers, but for now this is a faster and easier solution. I’ll try to get some photos up on tomorrow’s post so you can see what I am talking about.

I did manage to take the furballs out for a nice long walk in the sandlot. There are pathways connecting the sprinkler systems in the fields. They are a great place to walk. Nice flat terrain and the sand is packed down so the walking is a lot easier. I usually just drop their leads and let them walk at their own pace. Cosmo is my lazy boy, he always wants to turn around and head back. Once I finally convinced him that was not going to happen--he perked up and actually ran and tried to annoy Belle a little bit---nice to see that puppy playfulness......

After supper, I curled up with a Stephen King novel entitled ‘Rose Madder’.

We only have about 2 weeks left here in Yuma and then we will start our month long journey back to Indiana. I have to admit I’m ready to move on......guess I got that “hitch itch”. Our rv park is starting to look like a ‘ghost town’ as a lot of folks have already gone. Nice to have the extra space, but makes me want to move on all the more......

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