Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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As is our site at the Albany RV Resort in guessed it Albany, GA. As you can see it is a very nice park. Our site was large and almost totally level. Most of the sites have concrete pads and believe it or not all the lots have trees. You actually feel that you are tucked away in the woods. Yet, there is plenty of room for slides and maneuvering. The only criticism I the road noise. You are fairly close to US 19 and that is one busy highway. But, for a quick overnight or two.....this place is great.
This is a photo looking back into the rv park. Our site was located at the very front of the park. If you were further back, the road noise may not be as big of an issue.

We stayed here Monday, Nov 16. That day turned out to be a very long travel day, around 350 miles, not our typical day. We started out early and were still feeling good after lunch and we pushed ourselves just a little too far. By the time we found this park, it was dark. The highway we were traveling was very busy and there was construction. We saw the sign, but the garmin had us looking for a road that didn't exist. We passed the park, but finally found a 'cross over' and were able to get turned back around and this time we found the drive way to the park. The office was closed. I got the flashlight out and was in the process of reading the "after hours check in procedure", when one of the 'permanent' park residence happened by and offered his help. Thank goodness.....the park is not very well lighted and so it was great to have someone ahead of us leading the way. Once in our site, we found we didn't even need to unhitch. It didn't take us long to find our recliners and start relaxing.....winding down from the day.

In the morning, we wanted to continue our journey on US 19 south. Even though our garmin (we have another name for her....which I can't say here...LOL) let us down last night, we decided to give her another chance this am. You see, we had no idea we came in on US 19, she was calling it something else. It was dark, we were tired, and totally turned around last night. Well, the garmin sent us back out and in the wrong direction. She was trying to put us on interstate which we did not want to do. I didn't catch her mistake until we had gone about 15 miles out of our way. So, we get turned around and finally on US 19 heading south. Imagine our surprise and laughter as we passed by the rv park. Up until that point, we still didn't realize we had been on US 19 the night before........boy, did we feel silly...

Yesterday we ended up in Crystal River, Florida. A much shorter travel day and we found the park and were all set up by 4:30. The park is Elite Resorts. Again another very nice is even gated. After we were situated and the furballs had been walked, we headed out for dinner. The 'check in' gal had recommended a good seafood restaurant for us. DH is not a big fish eater, but he knows I love it so off we went. It was a little bit of a drive to find the place, but the food was excellent. I had snow crab and DH had grouper which he really enjoyed. Then it was back to the fiver for a relaxing evening. Today.....Tampa here we come


  1. Well sounds like even with all the trouble you are having a great time. We have the same delimas with our GPS but we are getting better at reading between the lines of her instructions.

  2. Yes, we well know the frustrations of missed turns & exits. That panicky feeling when the GPS tells you one thing & your instinct is telling you another & your in heavy traffic with a fast approaching exit & of course your in the wrong lane of about half a dozen. Getting turned around & mixed up in darkness or foggy days. Cloudy days can be disconcerting as well when you can't get a feel for east, west, north, or south. Aw yes, the joys of Rving...ya just gotta love it...or else!!

  3. Hi you're in our some of our old "stompin" grounds. We used to Scuba Dive with the Manatees in Crystal River. Beautiful place!



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