Monday, March 1, 2010

Our trip to Rockport was uneventful, well maybe not exactly uneventful.  I punched in the gps coordinates incorrectly and we ended up in some private subdivision with the Garmin telling us to turn right......into the ocean!  We regrouped, got turned around and arrived at the Drifter's Resort around 3:30.  We have a nice concrete pad and patio to set up on.  Unfortunately, we do have a bit of bad luck to report.  One of our landing not came down so far and then quit.  Fortunately, when it decided to quit we were already unhitched and just in the process of fine tuning the leveling.  Our nose is a little high, but it does not feel too bad inside the coach.  If you remember, we had this problem once before......just last year....and in the state of Texas!  At that time our coach was under warranty, this time it will be our dime.  So, first order of business today will be to find an rv repair service to get this job underway.  I'm hoping they either have the part in stock or can order it quickly.  This park is not cheap and we don't really want to have to extend our stay.

About the park, we received a message on the way to Rockport that the office here would be closing early.  We were given instructions as to our site number and location.  So, we have not met or talked with anyone here at the park.  I'm looking forward to this I have a question.  The park's web site clearly states a weekly rate of $150.00 for an rv site.  We are being charged almost $40 more and I want to know why.....I'm sure they will have some reason, but I'm still going to complain. 

Not off to a very good start.....Mama's not happy and you know if Mama's not happy....well, you know!  The only good news is I know we will soon be meeting up with some of our RV Dreamer family and that is sure to make me feel better.....

I have an update on the park fees.  We just back from the office where we did our 'official' check in and I'm happy to report we were only charged $150.00.  Don't know why I was told it would be more yesterday, but 'Mama' is now starting to smile!

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