Saturday, April 17, 2010

We made it to Hendersonville, NC yesterday afternoon.  We had a few small mountains to climb.......these mountain passes are beautiful, but I'm so nervous that it is hard to enjoy the scenery.....LOL!

I'm going to play 'catch up' tonight and share with you some of the sights from Charleston.
First off, this is a photo of our site at the Oak Plantation.  We enjoyed this campground and they had a huge enclosed dog run which the furballs loved!
This is a photo I took of the gardens at the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.  Words cannot describe the beauty of this place.  The spring flowers were at their peak.  I think we wondered around in the gardens for about 2 hours......they are massive......the path twist and turns and leads you all around.....several bridges....colorful plantings.....bamboo forest.....and more.  If you are in the area.....don't pass this up!  I took photo after photo and I can't wait to get to my easel and capture some of these fabulous scenes on canvas.  Our first day here we did the tram tour around the grounds and the plantation house.  The following day we did the gardens and the swamp.  I will not be disappointed with this one!
I wish I had a better camera for this shot.  Two almost white squirrels playing.  I shot this from our truck on our way to see the 1500 year old oak called Angel Oak.  I have never seen white squirrels before.....have no idea if they are native to the area or just one of those freaky twist of nature!
Here is Angel Oak......impressive isn't it. That little speck at the bottom is me!

Ok, probably a long enough post for tonight.  I'll post some info on our stay in Hendersonville next time. 

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  1. Thanks for the pix of Charleston. We were there about 10 years ago when our daughter was in the military. Brought back good memories.


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