Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Alien's have Landed

Yep!  You guessed it....we arrived yesterday in the "land of aliens"....otherwise known as Roswell, New Mexico.  We had actually planned to go up to Santa Fe, but I looked at the weather forecast for the upcoming week and decided NOT!  They are talking low temps in the teens and snow is also on the radar.  Santa Fe will have to wait til spring.  Apparently, the weather folks heard that the Goode's are traveling west this year.  Now, it seems all of the west is in for unseasonably cold temps.  We took Highway 60 out of Amarillo, doing our best to get south of the impending cold front.  Seems the cold front is determined to catch up with keeps slipping further down everyday.

We are currently spending a couple of days in Bottomless Lakes State Park.  We stayed here last time we headed west.  It is a nice park, nice spacing between rvs, beautiful views, and some of the sites have full hookups.  We awoke to 30 degrees this am.  Not too least the sun is shinning.  Tomorrow we will continue our journey heading to Las Cruces.  Any out there that knows of a nice rv park in the area.....appreciate you passing the info along to us.  Meanwhile.....I may have to dig out my longjohns!


  1. We just stayed at Sunny Acres a week or so ago. I wouldn't rate it as a destination park, but certainly adequate for a few nights. Passport America.

  2. You might try Sunny Acres RV Park in Las Cruces. Laurie & Odel gave it a "recommend" in their review:

    Or, if you want to go on to Deming, there's the Escapees park, Dream Catcher.

    I agree with waiting for warmer weather to visit Santa Fe! Brrr.....


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