Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Table and Travel Mode

I hope everyone had a most enjoyable Thanksgiving....I know we did.  I'm not sure if I had shown you this before or not....if I have please forgive the dead brain cells that have forgotten...
This is a photo of our new dining table and chairs.  The chairs are nothing special, I had them tucked away in storage knowing someday I would use them.  I am currently looking for some fabric to reupholster them to match the rest of my decor.  The table....we love, it is just the right size.  One of the things we love the most.....the leaves that drop on either side.  Great for travel mode.  So, here are some photos of what our fiver looks like when we are bouncing down the road.....
 Both slides are in and as you can see we can comfortably walk to the back.  That is where the new table comes into play.  Our old rectangle of a table fit so tightly at the end of the counter that you really had to work to "squeeze" by it.  Things are so much easier now and if we stop for lunch we can actually use the table.....a big plus!  We have complete access to our kitchen and bath areas. 

 Here is the "packed" view of the back of the trailer.  Everything rides very well.
 Here is the view of the side slide.  We can actually sit in the chair and watch tv.  We also have complete access to our desk area.
Last but not least....the furbabies.  They have been trained to stand either there or next to me in the kitchen....when the slides are going in or out.  They do very well with this and they are so very excited when the slides go out.  When I give them the go ahead they both charge into the living room....make the circle and each pops up into a recliner.  What a life!  So, there you have it.....The Goodelife, on the road.


  1. you have a very comfortable looking 5th wheeler.

  2. Love that table.. Where did you get it?

  3. Very nice! Our rig is designed so there is no way to walk through with the slides in. Frustrating at times.

    Your furbabies are adorable!! You need to submit them to my new website for Featured Pet of the Week.

  4. I wish I could train the cats to stay put when the slides are moving!

  5. Love the furbabies and your new table. We have two of those in our storage unit. One is an old 50's formica and one is wood.


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