Sunday, November 14, 2010

Safford AZ

Our journey yesterday was smooth and uneventful.....just the way we like it.  We are currently close to Safford, AZ in a super state park Roper Lake.  Billy had done a little research and found this park....what a little jewel it is.  We arrived here around 12:30 and the park ranger told us there was a wedding going on in the park today, but there were still plenty of nice spots available.  It seems the wedding party had reserved the entire cabin and tent area.  That meant that a group of tent campers were relocated to one of the rv camping areas.  The tent campers did take up quite a few rv spots....these are paved and have water and electric....but we still managed to find a pree-mo spot.  
Here we what feels like our own little "private" camping spot.  There is quite a bit of room between campsites, plus lots of bushes and small trees.
This is the view out our door.....we even have our own little path to the spring feed hot tub!
This is a view of our fifth wheel from "street side" the tent campers were right across from us and must have had at least 20 kids with them.....all ages.  While we were setting up, one of the littlest ones decided to explore the underside of our fifth wheel.  I was out with the furballs and saw the little guy.  Billy and I were both trying to get him to come out....but it was clear he did not speak any English.  Finally, he came out and then came running right towards our two dogs.  I started telling him no, but he just kept chasing me round the picnic table.  I imagine that was quite a sight!  Anyway, I finally got the dogs inside and Billy hollered over at the adults to please come get this little guy....which they did.  He was cute as can be.....but, my dogs are not use to kids and although they have never so much as growled.....I just didn't want to take any chances.  Especially with an over excited 3 year old who doesn't speak English!  
This is a view of Lake can fish and boat
This is a photo of the island peninsula.....the wedding was held there
We had originally planned to only spend one night here, but we are enjoying the surroundings so much that I went ahead and booked us for one more.  The weather has been wonderful....a little chilly at night (low 30's) but sunny and warm during the day (high 60's). Today I plan on exploring the park...there is a trail that goes round the lake and of course I'm planning on checking out that spring fed hot tub....


  1. lol that must have been a sight to see alright. It looks like a beautiful place to stay I can see why you choose to stay another night.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown (John & Brenda's Incredible Journey)

  2. Spring fed hot tub sounds wonderful. Enjoy a little extra soak for me.

    Glad you were finally able to get an adult to come and get the little one. Hope the puppies weren't too agitated by being chased by the little guy.

    Enjoy the day. It is raining here in Whatcom County.

  3. You really did snag a beautiful spot!

    Some kids are fearless and don't realize you shouldn't run up to a strange dog. Fortunately my dog has had grandchildren around a few times and she is very calm. I really have to worry that the little kids don't poke near her eyes though.


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