Sunday, November 7, 2010

I finally found a Wind-Break

Yep, I finally found a Wind Break here in Amarillo, Tx.  It is called the Palo Duro Canyon....
It was a truly beautiful day.  I'm just posting the one photo.....cause my camera just can't do justice.  Standing there looking out over the canyon is inspiring and simply takes your breath away.  Once we were down at the bottom...the winds were no more....and the temps sored into the 80's and low 90's.  We had planned on doing some hiking while there, but we ran into a little problem.  Bikers.....not the motorized kind...the mountain bike kind.  They were everywhere.  Now don't get me wrong....everyone deserves access, but I think there needs to be some bike only or hikers only paths.  The bikers are all about taking the trails as fast as they can.....the one's we ran into were very polite, ringing their bells and saying 'excuse us'.....but we had to move off the path into the brush so they could pass.  Now, if it would have been just us that would have been fine.  But, we had our two furbabies with us and I don't like leaving the path with the dogs.  I can't see what might be waiting in all that underbrush for the dogs to step on or into.  So, back to the truck we went.  Good news is, you can enjoy the beauty of the park driving the winding road that runs through it.  There are plenty of areas where you can pull over and enjoy the view. 

Ok, now I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for our new 'toy' to be revealed........drum roll please..........
It is our new induction cook top....and it is way cool!  It can boil water in a heartbeat and we love the portability of it.  If you want a few more details you can click on the icon to the right, we ordered ours through Amazon.  It is something we have been looking at for a long time, but the price was just never right.  Well, Bill found one that he felt would do the job and at a price we felt comfortable far so good....we love it.

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  1. Glad you got to see Palo Duro Canyon, maybe you should go back on a week day. Maybe the bikers were just there for the weekend.

    Cook top looks like a great idea!


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