Thursday, November 18, 2010

Congress, Escapees North Ranch

We had another great travel day through the Tonto Forest.  We took US 70 out of Safford and then picked up US 60 around Globe.....I10 around Phoenix and then back to 60 to Congress.  Driving through the Tonto Forest was......well, just magical.  The rock formations are just awesome.  Of course, the ride back down the mountain was a little scary for me.....but the beauty of it all.....I'm just so amazed.  I felt "childlike" seeing and experiencing things for the first is a wonderful feeling and I'm so thankful for this fulltime lifestyle.  I know I would have never had these experiences if not for fulltiming.  I took a bunch of photos with my iphone.  I just have not had time to download them and see if any are decent enough to publish here on the blog......look for some photos next time.
We arrived in Congress and set up at the Escapees North Ranch around 3pm.  After set up and feeding the furballs we headed into Wickenburg for dinner.  There is a little Mexican place there and it is so very good and very reasonably priced.  After dinner, it was back to relax in our easy chairs.  Today we continue our journey to our winter destination in Bullhead City.  I checked out the map and we will be taking another one of those "scenic" drives......stay tuned.....


  1. Life is great as a full time sightseer!

    Travel Safe

  2. There is so much to see in this country that is beautiful, and it's wonderful to be retired and in good enough health to travel.


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