Friday, November 12, 2010

Wonderful Day!

Yesterday was just one of those "Extra Goode" days.....We left Bottomless Lakes and headed southwest on Highway 70.  I was really kinda anxious about traveling through the mountains, but it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous and only a little bit terrifying!  We would go through desert like conditions and high temps in the 70's and then as we would rise in elevation the temps would drop (some into the 50s) and the scenery would turn green with tall fur trees.  I highly recommend Highway 70.....mostly four lanes, decent blacktop, and not to twisty or steep.  I noticed on the map that we would be going by White Sands and I told Billy this time....we were stopping to have a look.  We had driven by this last time we went west and I always regretted having not stopped.  Well, Billy gave me that "Oh, do we have to", look and I gave him that " Yes, we have too" look right back!  As we pulled into the entrance, I have to admit I was having second thoughts.  It didn't look too impressive at this point.  Down the long drive we drove....remember we have our "not so little" home behind us.  I was starting to worry about getting stuck with no where to turn around, when we came upon the entrance fee station.  I told Billy to ask the ranger if we were ok to get in and back with our rig.  The ranger didn't indicate that we would have any problems and so Billy got out his senior pass.....which we didn't see, it was Veteran's Day and so the park was offering free admission to everyone.  We slowly traveled back into the park and the surrounding landscape began to change.  Suddenly, it felt like we were entering into a Winter Wonderland as everything around us began to turn white with little to no vegetation.  There were lots of areas where even our rig could have pulled off the road and parked, but we kept going wanting to see where this adventure would take us.  We finally came to a sign which stated that the pavement ended HERE!  What the heck does that mean!  It means, we discovered, that at this point they simply just plow through all those white sand dunes.......they make a big loop at the end in the "heart of the sands".  Again, there is a large parking area where we could stop and explore.  I couldn't wait to get out of the truck......and let my bare feet hit all that beautiful, white, sand.
That's us down there in the parking area.....looks like we are in Alaska......
I took this from a top of one of the sand dunes.  I have to tell you my emotions were running stand there surrounded by all that beauty was quite inspirational.  I just felt so incredibly happy and filled with joy.  It is an experience I will always treasure.  
There's Billy and the furballs.  Needless to say, he too was very impressed and glad we stopped.  The furballs were even excited.  They too seemed to know just how "special" this place is.....ya know, we never could get either one of them to "potty" while we were there.  LOL!  I know....weird....Billy said it was because it reminded them of their Granny's white carpet...and they know that is a major!
OK, this is the last photo I'll share with you.   Looks like it is snowing doesn't it or a starlit night?  Well, my version of trick photography.  You see, I took this while in the truck....those snowflakes or stars that you see....well...they are actually bug splatters on the windshield....who knew....they'd come out looking like snowflakes....he, he!
White Sands is one nifty place and we do plan to return someday.  When we come back, I plan on buying one of those snow sleds they sell at the gift shop.  Yep!  We saw a lot of folks "sledding" down those giant sand dunes....that's for me!
It was hard to leave White Sands, but we continued our journey on to Las Cruces.  We are staying at the Sunny Acres RV park.  It is nothing special, but it is a passport America park.  
DAD.....we ate dinner last night at the La Posta de Mesilla.  Really neat place and good food....the margarita's aren't bad was a good thing I have my own private DD.....thanks for the info!  LIFE IS GOODE!


  1. White Sands is an amazing spot. Gordon got some of his best photos there. I was expecting the gypsum to feel more like the sand in the Florida panhandle, after all, it's the same colour but it's gritty. Sure looks pretty though!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is sooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It sounds like a place I'd like to see, although I had never given it a thought before. Did you actually drive through that sand?

  4. White Sands was a big surprise to us and a great place to play in the sand.


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