Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Route 66

I swear going through the state of Oklahoma on I40W has just about done us in.  Yesterday was probably the worse.  The road is so bad, it just about beat us both to death.  I'm sure the poor furballs thought they were gonna die.  Finally pulled off in Weatherford at the Route 66 RV park.  Nothing special to report here.  The place has a few permanent trailers and is in fair condition, but cost $28 for the night.  We both felt that was too high for what it is, but we were so tired of bouncing down the road that we decide to go ahead and stay.  At least the night was quiet and uneventful.

Today we are back on I40W heading to Amarillo.  So far the road has been much better, we hope it last. 


  1. The drive from Weatherford to Amarillo will be a very boring drive!

    Travel Safe

  2. I've heard that about Oklahoma the past few years but don't remember it being any worse than I-20 in places. I would much rather drive I-40 than I-20 or 10! Maybe I just like the scenery through OK better. Hope it goes more smoothly now.

  3. I think I'll stay away from Oklahoma.


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