Friday, November 19, 2010

We're Here

We arrived here in Bullhead City around 12:30 and boy, oh boy did we luck out.  This place is least we think so......
Here is a photo of our drive on Highway 93......looks pretty nice....and fairly easy........
Oh, isn't that nice......great scenery.....nice, relaxing we are on Highway 68
Oh, this doesn't look good......11 miles......runaway truck ramps.......the relaxing is OVER!
Ok, I'm really not happy about this.......not at all happy!  I'm grabbing onto my "oh sh-t" handles now and I'm not letting go till we reach the bottom!  Dad, Mom, everybody....I love you all.......Holy we goooooooo.........

Well, needless to say, we made it.  Was it worth it......OH YEAH......take a look.
This is our site....backing in was a little challenging as this is a small rv park, but the manager came out and helped us and we were in and set up in no time.  Those ropes you see are lighted ropes separating each site on each side.....really nice soft lighting for evening.  We have a concrete patio with picnic table and even a little grass for the furballs.  The rest of the site and surrounding area is gravel.  We are able to park the truck right across the way so we have more room on the site itself.
This is the utility side of our site, plenty of room to put up our satellite for internet and our tv dish is at the back.  They do have pretty good cable here, but we are used to our Direct TV.  As to internet, our verizon air card is marginal so we put up our hugesnet.  I just assumed the park internet (tengo) would cost, but I found out this morning that it is free. 
Now, this is the very best part.......this is the view from the patio of the clubhouse...which is just a few steps away from our site.  Yep, that is a fisherman down there and he is catching some trout.
Here is another shot.....the Colorado River....the water is so clear.....and it is so peaceful.  This is going to be a wonderful at the El Rio Waterfront Resort.

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  1. WOW! What a ride, I was tensed up going down that road with you!!!!! Glad you made it safely.

    Looks like a beautiful place.

    Travel Safe


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