Thursday, December 24, 2009

Here are some photos of our Anniversary Celebration. On the left is my Grandmother, then my Auntie and Uncle
Here is the rest of the crew, again from left to right, my Dad, Step Mom, Brother, Me, and Billy
And here is my Uncle again......"I'm ready for my close up, Mr DeMill!
We had a fabulous evening full of love and laughter! Our chef was great and entertaining....right down to the fake bottle of ketchup he pretended to dump into my lap. I almost had a heart attack!

From Celebrations to Toilet Repair......Yup! Bill and I had a day of toilet repair which is why the Anniversary post was a day late in getting up. We have both been noticing a little water on the floor around the toilet base. Not a lot and we are pretty sure it is fresh water not black water. At any rate, Bill got out the manual and then made a trip to Camping World to make sure we had any parts we might need for repair. Pulling the potty was not as big a deal as I thought it would be.....Billy did a great job. We both looked and really could not see any problems anywhere. Bill just tightened everything up, installed a new foam ring at the base and set the potty back in place. We ran some water through and still had water leaking. Upon closer inspection, (yeah! me and the flashlight on the floor looking deep into the potty's darkest recesses!) I found that the foam ring was not seated properly. Here we go again......but our second attempt was perfect and best of all no more leaks!! At far so good!

Our chef from our Anniversary dinner asked us what our secret to 30 years of marriage is.....yesterday was a perfect is all about 'teamwork' not I not me, but US working day by day together on all life's little challenges.....Merry Christmas everyone and may all of life's blessing come your way!

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