Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yesterday my brother arrived from Indiana and brought with him our missing satellite internet part. My Dad was kind enough to bring it by our fiver. It seems my brother has already headed down to Fort Myers for the weekend.

We headed over to a new Japanese steak house in Brandon. We are thinking of having our 30th wedding anniversary celebration there next week. We had a look at the menu and then decided to stay for lunch. The food was excellent and we made our reservations for next Tuesday.

Back at the fiver, DH and I began the set up procedure for the internet satellite. Unfortunately, it was late in the day and we were quickly running out of daylight. We did get the system set up, but we were unable to find a good signal. There was a front moving through the area so we are hoping that is the problem. Today we have fairly sunny skies, so hopefully we will be able to get it up and running. We have found that once we lock onto the satellite....the weather is not as critical. It takes a pretty bad storm to degrade our signal. While DH was out fiddling with the satellite our neighbors came by and inquired.......they are new to rving and are setting up their satellite television for the first time. They are having problems so I imagine that later today we will be giving them a hand and hopefully getting them up and running too!

I’m still working on my flamingo painting and I will post some photos. I’m just waiting till we have our satellite internet so as not to use up our gigs on the aircard.


  1. Good Morning Debbie... So glad to hear that your brother was able to find that part for your satellite... Now getting it hooked up will be GREAT! We signed up for our internet card years ago when they had unlimited and they grandfathered us in... Thank goodness... I didn't know you painted. How wonderful is that! My daughter paints and draws too and this is year for Christmas we bought her a wonderful easel and brushes... Of course with her approval. LOL Have a super day...

    Travel Safe my friend!

  2. Hope your satellite system is soon working ok. It seems like I'm reading this same story from all parts of the continent - maybe not a good time for any satellite connections.


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