Saturday, December 12, 2009

I’m back....the Christmas party was a success. I’m guessing my Aunt and Uncle served over 500 people throughout the day and evening. The menu consisted of smoked BBQ ribs, chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, caesar salad, rolls, and assorted desserts. Everyone that attends is asked to donate a toy and it was great to see that toy pile grow and Aunt then takes them to a group that distributes them to children in need. DH and I were there throughout most of the party, we took a short 2 hour break in the afternoon to tend to our furballs. It was a very long day, but we sure had fun.
Here is the photo of the tv in the bedroom. As you can see, we do not have the shelf installed yet, but the shelf is now stained and ready to go so that will probably be today's project.

Back to the ‘rest of the story’ on the tv. DH called Direct TV to activate our new HD box. Amazingly enough, that actually went well. The box started running through it’s set up procedure and everything seemed fine. DH ends the call with Direct Tv and retires to the living room. BW (Bodacious Wife) remains in the bedroom, checking out the program guide and the channels. BUT.....something is missing seems I can’t locate any of the HD channels. All the digital channels are there...but no HD. I start trying to find the answer. I’m checking on the connections, checking the settings on both the tv and the cable box. I even re-set the cable box twice......nothing seemed to make a difference. Our tv in the living room is receiving all the HD I’m starting to think we have a bad cable box. I inform DH that he is going to need to call Direct TV and explain the problem. BW has been working on this problem for the past hour and just can’t seem to find a solution! DH calls Direct tv and in a manner of a few minutes has the solution. Apparently, DH left off a very important part when connecting the cable from the box to the satellite. There is a filter of some sort which must be connected to the box. DH didn’t see this filter on our box in the living room so he just ASSUMED he didn’t need it on this box. Even though it clearly states in the set up instructions to install said filter. Now, I’m sure you all know exactly what BW is thinking at this point....after spending the better part of an hour trying to figure out this problem. BUT.....being the Bodacious Wife that I am.....I just smiled and patted DH on the head, “that’s ok honey, anyone could have made that mistake”.....well, certainly not BW.....LOL!......but alls well that ends well. The tv is up and running with all it’s channels on display and peace and tranquility have been restored to the Goode household. Well.....almost.....DH has run a second cable to the tv from our antenna so that we can tune in the local stations. We like being able to get the local news and weather in the morning with our coffee. To do this on our tv in the living room we just set the source or cable input to ‘tuner’. DH assumes it is a similar procedure on the new tv, but he only finds two choices on this is the HDMI and the other says cable.....the HDMI brings in the Direct TV signal, but the cable selection proclaims no signal is available. BW.....I just love being bodacious, I think that is my new favorite word....HE...HE! Anyway; BW, being the technical wizard of the day, goes back through the set up on the tv and finds that you can select that particular cable connection to either accept a cable or antenna/air signal. Once that was set to the correct choice, BW ran the tuner and ‘bingo’ we now have local news and weather! is good to be QUEEN! LOL! Yeah, I’m pretty full of myself right now and DH is rolling his eyes and shaking his head, but hey....if ya got it, flaunt it.....and that my friends is the ‘rest of the story’.........


  1. Well you have definitely got it☺☺☺ Glad all is up & running... When we get back in our hometown area next Nov we are going to have all our TV's switched out to HD too... I am not looking forward to the hassle but looking forward to the new TV's... Have a GREAT day!

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