Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No, I did not get trampled by the crowd at Wally World last Saturday.....I'm alive and well. Just been a little lazy the past few days.

DH and I have taken on a new project. Last year we saw a fellow rv'er growing some herbs....in what I think is called a strawberry or herb pot. I promise I'll get some photos for next time, but basically it is 4 small pots connected all together. There are 3 on the bottom and 1 on top. I have been looking for this configuration ever since we saw it last year. Yesterday we found it at Lowe's. We bought some dirt and planted from seed.....Rosemary, sweet basil, tarragon, and sage. Now, neither of us has a very green thumb.....but how hard can this be......time will tell. Nothing like sitting around watching your herbs grow.....

I'm also on the look out for some pink Christmas lights to go with my pink flamingo.....yeah, that's right pink! I like pink and I plan on using them year round. By time I'm done with my 'outdoor decor' we should be pretty easy to find, no matter where we are parked.....LOL! So, next time your out, if you see a large pink flamingo with pink Christmas lights all round......then you know you have stumbled across the "Goode Life". Pull up a chair and stay awhile........


  1. Thanks for the herb pot info. I've also been looking for something like that. I always have a couple of flowering pots to set outside, but haven't found something small for a few herbs. Had a large pot of basil during the summer while volunteering in Seattle. Made pesto and froze it in icecube trays,then transferred those to a ziplock freezer bag. Sure tastes good this winter, and much less costly than buying pesto. Will check out our Lowe's.

    Where are you in Florida? We'll arrive in Wauchula January 1st.

  2. My gosh!! I thought that was a pink Flamingo at first...HE HE


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