Sunday, December 6, 2009

We certainly have seen enough rain here in Riverview. The skies finally stopped their assault of rain drops late yesterday afternoon. I think we are all a little stir crazy. I spent most of the day going through paper. I'm in the process of scanning all those 'important' documents one needs to keep track of......trying to eliminate some of those 'papers' with digital imagery. They are certainly easier to file and keep track of once they are on my computer. We probably purged 10lbs of paper yesterday. My next task for the New Year is to build some spreadsheets to track our expenses.

I did manage to get out with the furballs for a short walk around the rv park. They clearly loved being out and about....especially when I finally gave in and let them wade through all the puddles! LOL!

Later in the evening, we went over to a friend's house to see the Christmas boat parade. Although it was a little chilly, the boats all decked in their Christmas splendor made braving the chill worthwhile. Seeing all those lights shimmer and reflect in the water was beautiful. We all stood on the pier and cheered them on as they floated by....tis the season, here in the sunshine state!


  1. Oh Debbie that is one thing I will miss this year... The beautiful boat parades. Have Fun and enjoy!

    Travel Safe

  2. You are really ambitious in doing the scanning. I know I should but dread it so much I just never get around to doing it.


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