Monday, December 21, 2009

Here it is.....the beginning of my flamingo painting. Not much to look at right now and you can click on it for a little larger photo. I have been finding it hard to find the time to get much painting in with all the 'satellite' set up problems we have been having......but we are up and running so now I can focus more on my painting.

As to the internet satellite....WOW! We had more problems finding a signal then we have ever had....and there is nothing that we could "see" that is causing interference. It took us the better part of two days to finally latch on to a signal...just barely strong enough to lock on too! We are wondering if there is some kind of interference we can't "see" that is causing some issues.

So far we have NOT been able to get our neighbor set up with his tv satellite. They are from Canada and have the 'Star Choice' for their television. It is their first time using this spent the better part of a day helping just to put the equipment together and in position. Unfortunately, we just could not seem to find a strong enough signal to 'latch' on too! To make matters worse for these first time rvers, the husband took a fall here at the rv park and fractured his right hand. We feel so bad for them. We have told them to please call upon us for any help they might need. I know the wife is worried about how they are going to travel with her DH's right hand in a cast. Things may go from bad to worse for these two......he is to see a specialist next week to determine if surgery might be needed on his fractured hand. I sure hope that is not the case!


  1. Not sure if this will help but.....we too have Star Choice & had a problem finding the satellite again after a recent wind storm. I had everything configured correctly with the dish signal. The Star Choice signal locating system we used on the TV would not go from a red bar to either yellow or acceptable green. Kelly happened to try a channel anyway & all the channels were surprisingly there. Problem seemed to have been with the locating device itself!! Also, if they haven't used Star Choice for awhile they have to phone in & get SC to zap their dish. In otherwords, their programing has to be refreshed.

  2. Will this help?

    For US

    For Canada

    We've never had a problem with Star Choice (now Shaw Direct) as long as we have a clear view of the southern sky.

  3. Hi Debbie... LOVE your painting and it looks like it is coming along beautifully... Sorry you’re having a hard time with your satellite... and sure feel bad for the newbies... Not a good start! Have a fantastic day my friend!
    Travel Safe

  4. Believe me I am not an expert on the dish set up...but I have found that when I have the tripod set level I can set my angles and I get a signal much faster! We got a signal here in about 15 minutes with Sherri helping me. Good luck and Merry Christmas


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