Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here is our herb pot......and, surprise! We actually have some sprouts in one of the pots! I was so excited to see those little green plants this afternoon.

We spent pretty much the entire day shopping yesterday. I was looking for some sew on velcro and drapery lining to complete an old project. Those of you that follow my blog know I made my window treatments.....well, part of the window treatments. I was going to do some hand painted valances, but they are going to take some time to complete. So, in the meantime, I decided to sew some fabric valances to finish the windows. I have my fabric, but I needed lining. I was so spoiled when I was in the decorating business, cause all I would have needed to do was place a phone call and my lining would have been delivered to me in a matter of days.....wholesale to boot! Now, I have to 'shop' to find what I need and I'm really picky about the quality and price. I finally found a shop that had decent lining at $3.00 a yard......that is a really good deal. Next, I was on the hunt for velcro. Finally found it, but Jo Ann's Fabric wanted $3.99 a yard. I need about 10 yards......decided to try and find it online. SUCCESS!! I found a place in Jacksonville Florida (we are in Riverview...close to Tampa). They had what I needed at 80 cents per yard....imagine that! I did have to order 25 yds, but I had no problem with that as I can always use velcro in sewing projects. Even with $8.00 for shipping I still saved myself money. YIPPEE!

Last night we had a squall line come through our area. It was really pretty mild, but it still managed to keep me and the dogs from having a restful night's sleep. Around 2am, the storm had passed, and I took the furballs out for a potty break. Came back in and they settled right down into peaceful slumber.....not so lucky for me. I slept some, but my tummy was keeping me awake at this point. It was not typical indigestion. It was more like a queasy feeling and a soreness to my tummy. Anyway, it is still with me this afternoon. I hope what ever it is makes it's exit soon.....:-{

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  1. Hi Debbie... Holy Kamoly I didn't relize you lived so close to where we do when we ever come back to the area... All my family is in Pinellas County and I live in Palm Harbor... So howdy neighbor... Lucky you to be so talented... I can't even use stitch witch good... HA HA HAve a wonderful day and oh I just love you herb pot!



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