Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yesterday, we went over to De Soto Park here in Florida. It is very nice park, but we could tell from the web site that some of the sites were small and tight. Since we are less than an hour away, we loaded up the furballs and headed over to see it first hand. Ended up we found a site that would accommodate us so we made our reservation for Jan 4 thru 8.

Tomorrow is travel day for us......yeah, gonna be on the road a whole 30 minutes....if that long. We are heading over to my Uncle's marina. We will be there for the New Year's festivities. I'm sure hoping the weather cooperates.....


  1. A friend of ours has been telling us for several years that we should spend some time there, but we have been concerned about space size.

    So we have not visited the place. Since you have been there, can they accommodate a 40 motorhome.

    Looking forward to pictures of the place on your blog.

  2. Hey Debbie... I can't believe it you are in our old stomping grounds... We camped at Fort Desoto many many times... When we were young we camped their at least once month and several weeks during the summer. We were in tents, pop-ups, and travel trailers and at last motorhomes.... You will love it and there is so much to do in the area... Have you been there before? I grew up in Pinellas County and it is still home base for us...Just not this year! Have fun & travel safe

  3. Have a very happy New Year's Eve, and all the best for 2010!

  4. We love Ft Desoto and have reservations for the 19th.. What site will you be in?? Not sure what our plans are but maybe we will be around that area and drop in to say hi. We are now in Tampa at MacDill AFB.
    Have fun..


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