Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Here’s the story of a DH and his BW (bodacious wife) and two furballs, who decided to install a television in their bedroom. This may sound like a simple procedure, but..... alas, it was not to be......for Direct TV was in the house!

The first call to Direct Tv was simply to purchase a new HD cable box. DH was informed they could only sell him a new box if he also paid for professional installation. Professional installation? We already had one box in the living room, the cable was already run into the bedroom, the dish was up and pointed correctly (that only took 3 days)......what was there to do except plug in and screw on the cable feed. So, we made our purchase at Best Buy.

BW had decided that the new tv was to be placed on the dresser in the bedroom, but wanted the HD box to be place in the cabinet where the tv would have gone. That was going to require a shelf to be installed and a few holes to be drilled so the cable could be run inside the walls of the as not to be unsightly or untidy! The first hole’s placement was agreed upon and drilled with a 3/4 hole saw. All was well, except it was a “hole” to no where. The top cabinet’s wall, (where we were drilling) actually extends past the bottom cabinet a couple of, the second hole was more precisely placed, on the floor of the top align with the bottom cabinet. As most of you probably have discovered, some of your rv cabinetry has double walls and floors. This ‘dead space’ is where wires and support beams are typically run. We were attempting to run our cable down through this space and out to the tv sitting on the dresser. The third hole was drilled on the outside of the cabinet next to the tv. The next discovery---something was still blocking our way between the two holes. We found we needed to drill yet another hole a little further down inside the top cabinet’s floor (remember the ‘double wall’ construction) in order to get through to the bottom cabinet. Finally, 4 holes later, SUCCESS! Now, we needed to “fish” the cable lines through. That proved to be no easy task, but between the two of us we managed to get it done.

Ok, we are set.....right? Everything is ‘hooked up’ and we are ready to go. We turn on the tv signal. DH checks and re checks all his connections and continues to scratch his head...with a puzzled look upon his face. BW realizes that the tv may need to be set on the proper source......I pick up the tv remote, push the source button and SUCCESS. The tv needed to be set on HDMI to receive the signal. You see, it pays to be ‘bodacious’...LOL!

All that is left now is to call Direct TV and activate the cable box........and that will be the ‘rest of the story’ for tomorrow’s blog........yes, there is more.....and some photos too!


  1. Can't wait for the photos. Sherri and I installed our new TV on the wall in the living room area. We had to hang it on a bread board...Yea I know what is the deal. We did get it installed and all is well now.

  2. Who needs a professional installer when you've got Debbie Goode, right? Can't wait to hear the rest of this.


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