Friday, December 4, 2009

Up with the chickens here......the rooster was a crowing when I was out with the furballs just a little past six. My coffee is brewing and my tummy seems to be back to normal.

One of the 'joys' of full time rving is mail delivery. Upon check in, we always ask the park how they handle mail for their shorter term residences. We will be here for about 6 weeks. They gave us a card with the park address and told us to be sure and add our name and lot number. US mail would be held at the office for us, but UPS or FEDX would deliver to our door. DH and I both had a few items we were ordering so both UPS and FEDX would be coming to our door....or so we thought. The first thing we had to do was put up a sign on the fiver with our lot number. All the lots here are marked at the back and hard to see from the street. was not that simple. It seems the office folks at the park had given us the wrong address. There is road construction going on in front of the park and once completed the new address will be correct. For now; however, everyone is to continue to use the old address. We were clueless to all this and completely baffled when UPS was calling telling us the address didn't exist.....of course, we kept insisting it did! Finally, DH had another conversation with the office and we found out about the old address/new address mess. Luckily, both UPS and FEDX did manage to find us....even with the "new" address. I decided not to take any chances, when the FEDX guy showed up yesterday, I gave him some home made choc chip cookies fresh from the oven......that smile on his face told me he won't be forgetting where I live anytime soon....LOL!
Oh, but that is not the end of this intriguing tale. DH order us a small tv for our bedroom; of course, it had the wrong address. UPS tried to deliver it to someone else here in the park. Thank goodness, that person was home and refused the tv. UPS then took it to the office, who called DH. Good news, we got the tv.....but we were also given a 3rd address. Now, the office has decided if you want something from either UPS or FEDX you must use your actual street address here in the park. The bottom line here is that I don't know where I'm living these days and with the exception of my choc chip cookie loving FEDX man, neither does anyone else! LOL! Thank goodness for my neon pink is the only way I can find my way home these days. I wonder if the mail service recognizes pink flamingos as an address....he! he!


  1. Good Morning Debbie... So glad to hear that your tummy is better today... We have had no mail problems because we have it sent to my daughters and then she sends it to us when we are in an area where we can recieve it... We have had packages delivered to the RV parks before... but not to often. Hope you finally know where you are at...☺☺☺

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Now that sounds fun, not knowing where you are. I've heard of others saying the same thing with UPS/FedX. Good luck for the Christmas season.


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