Monday, November 22, 2010

Relaxing in Bullhead City

Have not done anything exciting, just getting to know our surroundings.  We found a Wally World just down the street from us and a nice little mall.  There is also a very nice Safeway guess we won't starve....LOL
The weather here the last few days has been a bit on the windy and cool side.  We even had a little sprinkle of rain the other evening.  It seems a cold front came through, but not to worry temps are still in 60s day and 40's night.  If the wind would just go way things would be fine.  Bullhead City is kinda like living in a "bowl" with the mountains all around you.  So when the wind comes in and "slaps you in the face" it also then turns around and "kicks you in the behind"......I'm ready to be done with that!
Yesterday, I was in a baking mood.  I really do enjoy baking and I love my kitchen in my fiver.  It is just the right size and everything is in easy reach.  Here is the result.......
 Gingersnap cookies fresh from my convection oven.....mmmm, good!  I did have one oven is capable of 3 settings....convection, halftime, and microwave.  I use the convection setting for baking and oops on the last batch I forgot to hit the convection button.  It defaults to microwave....after about 3 minutes the aroma of burnt cookies filled the air and I knew what I had done....ah well,  I didn't let a few burnt cookies spoil the day!
And see what the "men" of the house were up to for most of the day on Sunday.......
Cosmo is quite the lapdog......LOL


  1. Those cookies sure look good. I guess the smell of those cookies must of been a little over whelming to Cosmo! I believe he likes that recliner!

    Travel Safe

  2. Nothing wrong with doing nothing, after all that is part of the lifestyle :)


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