Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb 1, 2009

Here are the photos I promised on the window treatments. I spent the whole day working on them. I know---they are different. Just like me! I always try to put my own little special "twist" on things. I love stripes, I love pink and green, I love checks. So, I just combined them all. These are stationary panels and I will add a valance in between
the panels. The cornice will be painted canvas. I'll will probably do something involving nature. You can "click" on the photos for a larger photo. I have 3 windows done, only 7 more to go. LOL! Once all the panels are done I'll start the valances. Oh, DH made the framework for me to attach all this to and I'm using velcro. That way, they can be easily taken down for cleaning or whatever!

Any questions, comments, or ? Always welcome......


  1. They are very nice! I envy your creativity. I'd like to change the window treatments in my 5ver but just don't have the energy to come up with an idea.


  2. They're great! I'd love to come up with ideas but like gypsy, that's not going to happen. Great job!


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