Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feb 20, 2009

Oh what a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The temps are in the high 70's, plenty of sunshine, and just enough of a breeze to keep things comfy! Oh yeah, this is what it is all about :)

Here is my big accomplishment for the day. What you are seeing is about 1/2 of the cornice. I'm feeling very good about it. I have been "in the zone" for the last couple of days. So, the painting has come easy. My mind is already working out the details of the next cornice---I found some really cute photo references of squirrels on google image that may come into play--and you can click on this photo to get a larger photo. I am also documenting the process on my art blog,

DH went to the post office to mail some items to his brother and he has also been working on our taxes. Good news there is we should be getting a refund. I think we will put that into new counter tops for the kitchen in the stick house---that should really help as a selling feature. Our current counters are really an eyesore. Sure hope it sells this summer. It is a nice little house, modestly priced, and in a very good neighborhood. Now, if the dang banks would start loaning qualified folks money again, I think we would be in good shape for a quick sale........keeping that 'happy thought' anyway........

One last bit of info, the park here in Yuma we are staying at is under new ownership. It seems the rent will be going up----we currently are paying $325.00 and they are increasing that to $400.00 for next year. We think that is quite a jump, but it is still cheaper than most of the other places in this area. The exception being the SKP park, but it fills up quickly during winter. It was full when we arrived in January and it didn't show any vacancies til just about a week ago.

We may explore southern Texas next winter--seems there are quite a few rv dreamers in that area so we know we would be in good company! We figure on checking that all out at the rally in October. We will head over to Florida for the holidays and then back to Texas for the winter----at least that is the "jello" plan for now.....

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