Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb 5, 2009

Today I did not sit at my sewing machine. DH decided he wanted to check out the local flea market. So, we took the dogs out for a little playtime in the field next to the rv park and then headed out to the flea market. What a disappointment. Last year we went to a flea market in Florida that was tremendous. Along with all the “junk”, there was booth after booth of fresh produce, great prices--that’s the reason we go. We expected to find the same here. There were only two booths and not nearly the variety or prices we had found in Florida. We did buy some lettuce, bananas, and some pears. We found the prices and the produce here to be not much better than the grocery stores.

Big Thank you to everyone that emailed or commented about the parks in San Diego. After much research, we think we have made a decision to stay at Santee Lakes. It has hiking trails, a nice area to walk the furballs, and the price is far better than anywhere else we have looked. We will have to wait till the end of March to obtain the spot we want, but that’s ok. As always, our plans are often set in “jello”!

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