Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb 19, 2009

Today’s project was a leaky shower. I was getting something out of the basement while DH was taking a shower and I notice a slow drip, drip, drip coming from that general area. We had this problem once before and it turned out to just be a loose connection at the drain area. DH figured it might have come loose again as it is difficult to get a hand or tool up there to tighten sufficiently. He got everything apart and then put back together tightening it as best he could----next we ran some water and ‘bummer’ still dripping. DH looked up top and determined that the drain itself might be leaking. He took the drain cover off and decided to re seal it with new plumber’s putty. This is when ‘it’ happened. DH was cleaning the old plumber’s putty off with ‘googone’. I hear a big ‘oh noooo’! That’s not good! Unfortunately the googone was doing too good of a job and had actually taken off some of the finish. We were both just so upset at this new development. Not much we could do about it. DH put everything back together and decided to let it cure overnight before doing a water test. Next morning, he checked it after our showers and all was well. Now, we just have to figure out what to do about the cosmetic damage. The color is still there--it is just the shine that is gone. You have to catch it in the light to see the damage. I think we are going to try just applying some paste wax to restore the shine. I know I will have to re apply it periodically, but I don’t see to many other options. We will keep an eye out for any type of finish we could re apply, but I think that is a long shot. Oh well, in the grand scheme of things this is hardly a blimp on the radar screen. The sun is shining, the birds are a chirping, and my two furballs are wagging their tails----so all is not lost after all...........


  1. Debbie you can always "PAINT" it!!!
    (just kiddin')

  2. I would try a product called Blue Magic 12-A TR-3 Resin Glaze for your shower floor. You can buy it on Its very easy to apply ( just like wax), but will last a lot longer between applications. Good luck.


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