Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 17, 2009

This is how I started my day.......French Toast complete with fresh blackberries. It was so good, but not at all waist line friendly. I made this on our new griddle we purchased yesterday. We found the griddle at Wally World for about $30.00 (Presto Grill n Drain). Its cooking area measures about 15"x15" and has a Teflon coating. The top also has a tilt feature, so if you are cooking bacon, for example, you can drain off the excess grease as you cook. That was our big excitement for the day---using the new grill. After breakfast, I did at least take the furballs out for their morning romp in the sand lot--but I think they did most of the romping!

We did head out to get some fresh water and quarters for the laundry. I also needed to pick up a roller for applying the contact cement to my canvas window treatment. Once home I applied the cement to the back of my canvas and waited for it to get tacky. Wow, what smelly stuff that is-----but it does work. I think next time I will prime the back with "gesso" (canvas primer). I ended up needing two coats of cement because the back of the canvas is so porous. Anyway, I opened up lots of windows to get ventilation so we didn't all die of suffocation. Now, a couple hours later, I can still smell the cement on the canvas. I'm sure hoping once it is cured and dry that smell goes away. If not, I'll have to go in a different direction. I only prepared the one canvas for just that reason. I want to make sure all my little ideas work before continuing on with the next one. I did it inside due to the weather, but I think I had better wait for better weather and do the next batch outside.....

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