Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb 21, 2009

Did very little today. I did fix DH bacon and pancakes on our new griddle. MMMMM good! After breakfast we took the furballs out for a walk in the desert lot next door to our rig. Just a big open area surrounded by agricultural field. They can run and kick up their heels a little.

After that DH found a movie on the tv---’City of Angels’. I got interested in it and was really enjoying it. DH decided to make a trip into town for some odds and ends. I’m sitting in my easy chair watching the movie and in the last 30 minutes of the show comes a knock at my door. Don’t you just hate that.......right when it is all coming together......all things are about to be’re on the edge of your seat......and then......knock, knock, you-hoo any one home. Well, the door is open so there is no hiding out. It was a neighbor, a very nice one, who was having trouble setting up her satellite tv and had lost her cell phone to boot. That was that, I’ll catch the end of that movie another day. I let her use my phone to call the satellite guy who installed her unit. She reach his voice mail. I walked down to her rig and tried to help her, but I know nothing of these systems. She just wasn’t getting any signal at all. Anyway, long story short, we gave up. I went back to our rig and a few minutes later she was knocking again. This time to tell me that somehow the thing had finally started working so all was well in tv land once again. She used my phone again to call the satellite guy and let him know all is well. This time she got him in person and he told her he would be in the area tomorrow so he would stop by to go over things with her again. Nice guy!

After all that, DH shows up grinning from ear to ear. It seems he had found the elusive taco stand we had been searching for the last few days. We had heard great things about this little taco stand. He got 8 tacos for $10.00, we had a ‘taco feast’ last night for dinner. DH had the hot sauce, I passed on that. DH took anti-acid later that evening......just in case.....

Watched a few re runs on the tv and then off to bed we went.........

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