Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First of all, let me say "Thank you" to everyone that commented on the satellite set up and sent helpful information......we have not had a chance to re-try for our neighbors as of yet. They were gone most of the day yesterday and we have not had a chance to get back with them. Thanks for the comment on my flamingo painting.....I will have more on that in another post.

Today is a very special day for DH and I.......it is our 30th Wedding Anniversary! We made plans to celebrate with our family tonight at a nice restaurant. Bill is my very best friend and truly the love of my life. I just can't imagine what my life would have been like without him in it. The past 30 years have had there ups and downs, but they were always full of love and laughter. Now, we have embarked on this whole 'rving thing' and we LOVE IT! I know a lot of you out there, thinking of this lifestyle, wonder about the prospects of being together in a small space 24/7. Well, let me tell you.....we LOVE IT! We have such fun together, and if anything, it has brought us even closer together.....Although we love being with family and friends, we have also found that we are just as happy when it is just us two (plus a couple of furballs)!

So, Honey, let me say now and forever......"I love you!"......my heart still skips a beat when you walk into the room.......


  1. Congratulations you two love birds!! May you have many more wonderful years together.bu

  2. Kelly said her heart skips a beat when I walk in the room too so I gotta be more careful about scaring her like that!! And DH finally has a name....Hi Bill, nice to meet you:))

  3. Happy anniversary, and hope you have many more together.

  4. Great post Debbie... I agree 100% it does bring you closer and we LOVE it too!!! Congratulations on yours & Bills (DH) anniversary. Wishing you many more years!

    Travel Safely

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both.. May you have many many more.

  6. Belated Happy Anniversary to both of you.


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