Thursday, March 11, 2010

I know it has been a few days since I posted......came down with a nasty cold and just have not felt very good.  I don't think I have had a cold in about 3 or 4 years.  This is my second cold for this year......hope that trend does not continue!  I am starting to feel a little better, so maybe this too will pass....LOL!

Here is a photo of our fiver in the new location at Lakeside Rv park just outside of Dallas.  I think the address of this place is actually Seagoville.  No web I can't give you a link.  This is one of the more spacious sites.  Open field behind us and we can actually park the truck to the side for a change.  I thought about taking another photo once the sun went down, but heck, been so long since any of us has seen sun.....that I thought I'd just leave it!
This is the back side.....plenty of room for the satellites (Direct Tv and Hughes Net) and big open skies to point them in.....set up was a breeze for a change.
How do you like this for a "hillbilly" set up.  The parts Billy ordered did show up....unfortunately we are still missing a critical element.  Billy had to get back on the phone with Lippert and order a drive shaft.  Ours was broke completely in two.  Last year it was just twisted.  I did a little research online and found this has happened to other folks.  I can tell you this much.....we are done with this system.  We will be replacing this with a hydraulic system once we are back in Indiana!

Incidentally, for those of you that are interested, we still love our new air bed.  That has turned out to be a very good purchase!  I know we are both sleeping better....less tossing and turning and we feel better in the morning......that is a "Goode" thing....till next time....keep smiling!


  1. Hi Debbie... Sure looks like a great place to be... I hope you're finding good weather and that you're feeling much better. I bet you guys will be happy when that jack is fixed... Hope your day is bright & sun shinny!
    Travel Safe

  2. Popped over to your blog from another RVRs blog. So sorry to read about the lamp post incident but glad the owner is not making you pay for it. Also glad that the damage to your rig was all cosmetic and not damaging to any tanks or anything. Hopefully it won't cost a lot to fix the damages that were caused.

    Happy travels.

  3. Great to hear you like the air bed. It sure changed the way we sleep. We're with you, no back levels, we move around a lot but no different then being on a boat. I sure hope you feel better real quick.

  4. Not sure where Sherri and I will be in the next week or so but we will try to stop by and say hello to ya.

  5. You are so talented and creative!!! I can't wait to see this project when you finish!!
    Hope you are feeling much better should have stayed here's really warm now and we're having lots of fun!! :)


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