Friday, March 19, 2010

More Painting, More Repairing

Things have been quiet around here......

I'm still working on the mural.  It is a slow process.  Some painting days are better than others.  The cramped conditions certainly are not helping to speed the process.  I have to get up and out several times a day and stretch myself back into 'human form'.  LOL!  And my rear end is really sore from sitting on those 2x4s....pillows don't seem to help a whole lot.   None the less, I am determined to finish it before the RV Dreams Rally in April.

Billy did get the needed parts for the landing gear replacement and we are all 'good as new' now and ready to travel.  That is a huge relief for us both.  He also ordered some spare parts in the event this problem continues to be a problem.  This is the second time in less than a year that this leg has twisted or broken the drive shaft.

One other accomplishment was to make some temporary repairs to the damage done from the 'light post' incident.  We secured the damaged panel with some screws so it would not be flapping in the wind or worse flying off as we travel down the road.  Have to say, Billy did a pretty good job......looks much better than it did....of course he had to use a little duck tape on the underside.  We both can laugh now......we have always joked about being 'trailer trash' and now the 'duck tape repair' confirms it.....LOL!


  1. You're in good company with the "duct tape fix" First we had a faulty window that had to be taped shut until the manufacturer could send a replacement, and now we have duct tape covering seams that were damaged in a blowout until we can get to the dealership next month for repairs. Thankgoodness for duct tape!!!

  2. Good Morning Debbie... Glad that Bill got all his parts for the repairs and finally got it finished. Now you are goode to go! That is funny what you said about trailer trash. My SIL always kids us about that too! Duck tape it's a mans best friend (next to his wife). Have a glorious day my friend! Travel Safe...

  3. Everything is coming together. We all are trailer cool is that.


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