Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We made it to West Monroe, LA.  It was an easy travel day....clear skies, no wind, and no light post waiting to jump out at us....LOL!  We stayed at the Pavilion RV Park.  Not a steller park....dog pound on one side and trucks on the other, but it was a passport america park.  Most sites were level and had a concrete pads.  Good overnight spot.....just would not want to be here long term.  Today is another travel day on our way to the Rally in South Carolina!

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  1. Good Morning Debbie... Glad you are having safe & easy treavels and I hope they continue... Some of those Passport PArks are just ok for the night but some are good... You can never tell but one thing for sure they are a bargin ☺
    Have a good day & travel safe!!!


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