Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's I wake, I begin to hear whining.....there she is....little Belle...sitting rather impatiently.....tail wagging....more worst nightmare....she is insisting on going outside.  Ok, I'm up.  I'm putting on my sweatpants, my sweatshirt, and yet another sweatshirt, socks, shoes.....Ok, I'm ready.  Open the door.....and.....lord have mercy.....SNOW!  Not just a light dusting as the weather man had predicted, but a good two inches.  Hey!  Two inches is alot when you don't expect to EVER see SNOW again!  Have I told you lately.....just how much I dislike Texas?  So, out we go, out onto the frozen tundra.....the furballs love it.  Little Belle is actually frolicking in the snow.  Running, jumping, spinning......tunneling with her little nose......."I thought you had to PEE!"....Oh....finally.  Back in we go.....back to the warmth of my bed.....back to sweet dreams.....dreams where the sun shines and the warm breezes blow......not the 60 mile an hour wind gust that rattle the bedroom slide till I'm sure it will be disconnected and fall on the ground......are we having fun yet and did I forget to mention that it is the first day of Spring?


  1. Good Morning Debbie... I just can't believe the weather this winter... Just when you think it is over BAM! we get hit again. Our little dog has suffered this winter between snow and no grass in alot of parks she (being a FLORIDA dog) just doesn't understand. Have a super day my friend!
    Travel Safe

  2. I'm so sorry! I'm glad we went South, to Fla where the sun was shining yesterday with rain today but 62 degrees. Thanks for the post, hope we don't see snow ever again. lol

  3. Hey girl I could not agree with you more. I have lived in Texas all my life and I don't like it either. Well I should say this part of Texas. Hotter than a fircracker in the summer and colder than a butt cheek on a block of ice in the winter. Arizona is calling me...but I will be going to Colorado first for the summer and then south for the winter. Have fun in the snow. We are in Paris Texas now and it is snowing here too.

  4. Terrible stuff, that snow. We're headed over that way, Carlsbad NM, in a few weeks and I sure hope it's warmed up by then. Nice start to spring!

  5. I know the weather is crazy this year. Here in Western WA we had one snow storm in November and none since then. Very little rain too which is so unusual.

    Hope the weather gets better for you soon and that you can warm up.

    Today here in SW Washington we have had sunshine and a little rain with blue skies out one window and dark clouds out the other.

  6. Good morning :-) I'm having a flash forward. I'm sure it won't be as funny when it happens to me. Did you know that it's part of Belle's job description... to keep you from getting bored. Definitely not a boring morning. Keep warm. Hope it all melts soon.


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