Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snow Photos

Decided to post a couple of photos of our "snow event" last Saturday and Sunday.  We did absolutely nothing over the weekend.  The only time we ventured outside was to allow the furballs their potty breaks.  I think our little electric heater has run continuously the last two days.  The wind was relentless....with gusts up to 60 mile an hour at times.  I didn't do any painting on the mural over the weekend.....the bedroom slide was moving up and down so much I thought I would get seasick....LOL!

Amazingly enough, yesterday turned into a beautiful day.  The sun was shining and the temps got into the low 70's.  Best of all.....very little wind.  Billy and I spent the day running some errands.  He also took me by his old family home where he lived till he was 16...sadly the house was gone and another built in it's place.  We went by the jr high and high school.....checked out the old neighborhood.  It was fun. 

We are supposed to have another nice weather day today....I hope this is a trend that continues!

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