Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sneak Peek

 Been working hard on the mural.......and here is a sneak peek at what has transpired thus far...

I'm pretty pleased, but I have a looooong way to go.  I did take the day off yesterday.  Billy and I headed over to Cedar Hill to do a little shopping.  I always like to check out the Jo Ann's Fabric stores and while there I purchased some 'black out' lining for the roman shades I will be sewing for the bedroom windows.

Next we headed over to the Kroger store and the highlight of the day was a terrific meal at Red Robin.  We started off with a "tower of onion rings" and each had our favorite burger.   MMMMM...good, but we both had to 'waddle' back to the truck and then back to the fiver.

Good news.....the parts we need to repair the landing gear arrived and Billy was able to do a little repair work yesterday.  Not quite done, but close.  If it stops raining, I'm sure he will finish the repair today.  For me.....it is back to painting......


  1. It looks very nice. You are quite talented.

  2. We are just down the road from you two...and sick. We were headed to Arkansas but had to stop here to get well. The mural looks great. Good luck on the landing gear. Take care and have fun.

  3. Looking goode Debbie.... I am loving it! You are truly blessed with talent. Have fun & travel safe!


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