Friday, March 26, 2010

Moving on Soon

Our stay here in Texas will finally be coming to an end.......Monday we will start our journey to the east coast.  We are heading to South Carolina for the RV Dreams rally in April.  As always, it seems there are a million things to do before we leave.  Groceries, laundry, good-bye dinners, furball bathing and the list goes on.  I'm afraid we won't get it all done.  It's not that we can't do some of these chores on the's just that we will be moving fairly quickly.  It is always difficult to get things done when you are only spending one night at each stop.  My main disappointment is the bedroom mural.  It is about 2/3rds done and looking fabulous, but there is no way I'm going to finish it by Monday.  I really had hoped to have it done before we moved on.....I figure I need another 5 to 7 days to finish it up.

I am anxious to go......that ole 'hitch itch' has set in and I'm ready to put the great state of Texas well behind me.  I'm looking forward to the week at the rally.  I'm particularly happy about all the concrete that will be waiting for us there.  Sound stupid.....not when you are constantly cleaning dirt, grass, and mud off your kitchen floors from your two furball kid's feet....and I could really go for a long dry spell....I"m not even going to hope for warm weather.....but please.....dry....dry.....dry!


  1. Sorry that Sherri and I missed you this trip. We have been in Paris Texas all week. Have fun at the Rally we will not be able to attend this year but I bet we don't miss anymore. We too will be glad to depart from this State and go to another. Maybe we will meet up later.

  2. I hope you get some good weather. The dogs can certainly make a big mess in an RV when the ground is wet, snowy, or dusty.

  3. Hey Debbie... I couldn't remember if I commented today or not so I am back... I read it first thing this morning but we were getting ready to pull out and go to Tonopah, Az... So DUH!!! If I did here is another and if I didn't... Travel safe & have a ton of fun!!!


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