Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is our site here at the Drifter's Resort.  As you can see they are rather close together, but at least we have a concrete pad and patio.  The also recently put down some sod, so that helps with the mud aspect.

Here is a shot of the view down the street we are located on.  The streets are dirt, but they are well packed so it is almost like concrete.  We did notice some of the sites have some trees a little too close to the pad for comfort, but overall it is big rig friendly.

Yesterday we checked out downtown Rockport......nothing of interest there, in fact we are not sure why people seemed to flock here.  There are at least 8 or 9 rv parks here.  You are close to the beach areas here, but there are much prettier beach areas in other parts of the country.  We ended up having dinner at the "Big Fisherman"......Billy had chicken fried steak and I had some type of fish platter......YUCK!  is all I can was cheap....the two of us ate for about $13.00 bucks.....guess you get what you pay for.  We will keep exploring to see if we can find anything here at all...there are some towns close by that we have not seen yet.  All in all, Texas is probably my least favorite place be!

As to our landing gear is going to take to long to get parts here.  Billy is pretty sure we can get 'hitched up' using his bottle jack and some jack stands if need we will be heading straight to Dallas from here.  We have family there and we will stay about 3 weeks, should be plenty of time to get the parts we need and make the repair.

On a happier is my son's Birthday!  Happy Birthday, Samuel!  We sure do miss your smiling face!


  1. Actually there are 30 some RV parks in the Rockport/Fulton area. I guess it depends on what you're looking for. We love that area but we're more into birding and scenic photography.

  2. We must not be in the right spot...I love birding and as an artist I'm all for beautiful scenery, but I have yet to find it. Maybe we just have not explored enough....

  3. The towns north of there have a lot of history and many beautiful homes there. I think Rockport itself is quite drab but it is a nice nest for the winter months. Maybe we can catch you two in Dallas for breakfast or lunch some morning before you get away???

  4. Deb, come to Happy Hour today!! I promise things will get better!!!


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