Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Project

I have officially started my next decorating project.  Decided to paint a small mural in our bedroom.  Now, this will be no easy task.  The bed and the platform it lies on will have to be moved back out of the way each day and then put back so we have somewhere to sleep each night.....
This is day one.....I washed down the walls and applied a coat of Kilz to prepare the wall for paint.  Next, I used regular wall paint and did two coats of Robin's egg blue.  I have to say this was quite the day.  The wind was blowing something the bedroom slide and fifth wheel were a rocking and a rolling.  Now remember, we have one side of the trailer up on blocks and a jack and jack stand.....that makes me doubly nervous with the wind.  The other problem is the cramped space.  I can't stand up and I really can't sit back was killing me in very short order.  Fortunately, Billy took pity on me and headed over to Lowes for a couple of 2x4's.  We stretched those across the opening and "bingo" I now have a place to sit.  I will post some pics as things progress.....


  1. I assume your walls also have that strip of tape that covers where the panels meet. I would like to hear if you remove the tape or paint over it. That has been what has stopped me from painting the walls in my 5th wheel so far. The tape doesn't stick tightly and it looks like it would peel right up.

  2. Wow Debbie... I can't wait to see the progress on this project. It is a BIG one to take on and I just know it is going to be gorgeous when comlete. Have fun and travel safe!!!


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