Monday, March 8, 2010

When bad things happen to "Goode" people!

Thank goodness it is over.......yesterday was a very long and horrible day.  We left Rockport around 9am and did not arrive in Dallas til around 5pm.  It was raining and had been raining for awhile, the ground was absolutely saturated.  The rv park we are staying in does not have concrete pads.....if you are lucky.... you have some gravel and more grass then mud, but that is about it.  We were also surprised at how full it was....not to much to choose from.  You don't 'check in' here, you find your spot and then you drop your check in the drop box.  There is a posted phone number if you need to call the owner for any reason.

Billy had just made the comment that the roads were really narrow and the turns were tight....add the mud factor.....and well, this is were the 'horrible' part comes into play.  Billy was making a really tight turn, when a young man charged out of his trailer waving his arms.  We stopped and Billy jumped out and ran to the back of the trailer.  It seems our tail end had caught the street light.  Yeah, it was not good!
This my friends is the street you can was still shining it's little light!
This is a photo of the damage done to the side of our rig.

This is damage to the very back cap, under the rig

This is where the lamp post caught the fabric of our slide out on it's way down to the ground.  The good news is we did not do any damage to the lamp post and all of our damage is systems or tanks were damaged in the making of these photos....Ha!

Parking that evening was awful.....rain and cold and mud!  Remember we have a disabled landing leg so Billy was having to use a jack and jack stand for one side of the rig.  We finally got stabalized and in out of the rain.  I was not feeling well at all and ended up going to bed early.  Next thing I know, somewhere around of the dogs is up....I had a mess to clean up.  One of the furballs had gotten sick.....see it just keeps getting better and better....LOL!

Next morning, we decided to move to a new location.  The one we were in was just surrounded with mud.  Some folks had left and I saw that a much better spot had opened up.  Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, I found that the electrical box had been power.  Good of the owners was in the park to check on the light pole damage.  He is also an electrician.  Not only did he tell us not to worry about the lamp post, but he took care of the electrical problem right then and there!  Really nice guy.  We couldn''t believe he was not going to charge us for the light pole.  Packed up, pulled the slides and headed to our new location.  I like it much better here.  I'll post some photos if it ever stops raining.  We still have one leg propped up with a jack and a jack stand....that makes me a little nervous.....but at least for now we are warm and dry!


  1. Yupper once in a while we have TROUBLES don't we, but all in all it's a Goode life! LOL Glad you got a better spot then you were in and hope you're feeling better soon! Have fun & travel safe.

  2. I'm so glad it's not worse then it was. I'm so sorry, but they keep telling us that's all in the RV'ing experience. We had our "mishap" and still doing the shakes with no leveling system in the back. See you soon on the road.

  3. What a DAY. Glad you made it through. Hope you & dog buddy are feeling better. Here's hoping for good weather.

  4. Debbie, I'm glad it is no worse than it is...we've "been there and done that"...guess we all have. Just another event in the RV life!!
    Hope you get it all straight very soon!! Miss you in Rockport!! Hugs!


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