Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 10, 2009

What a day. It is rather chilly here today--not going to make it out of the 50's. I know I should not complain as a lot of you have it much worse, but it just pains me to know end that I traveled all this way for 50 degree weather. I need sunshine and temps in the high 60's at least and the lows---please nothing below 40 degrees! We will be moving on to Yuma on the 22nd. I have been watching the temps there and it seems to be more in our "target" range. We will find out soon......

I spent most of today working on my "sadie" portrait. I had a comment on yesterdays post that Sadie looks a lot like "Frank" from "Men in Black" and they are right! Now, every time I look at Sandie I have to smile. It was a frustrating painting day! I just could not find my "happy place" and everything went wrong. I finally put it away and I'll see what tomorrow brings.

Last evening I got into chat. Had not been in awhile and it was nice to talk to everyone there. I learned the Phyllis in AZ may have a site available in Yuma. I was unable to get her email last night and we are interested in the site. I will try again in chat tonight to connect with her. Anyone reading this, I would appreciate knowing how to contact Phyllis or please give her my email........Thanks

Another interesting tidbit I learned in chat last night, Speedy is a painter too! We definitely need to get together on that one Speedy and compare notes. Sherri is right you need to pick up your paint brush again. After all, soon you will be seeing this beautiful country of ours "up close and personal" what better way to "capture" its beauty than in one of your landscapes.

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