Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 17, 2009

Wow! The outside of the fiver looks sooooo very nice. It is good to be clean! Now, we must turn our attention to the inside. Today we decided we would wash the interior windows and screens. DH and I worked as a team---he cleaned screens and I cleaned windows. It still took a good portion of the day. I found that many of our windows had some type of adhesive left behind, from the manufacturer I suspect. It took some goo-gone to get rid of that residue. Once finished, we sure sparkled!

DH made a trip to the grocery while the furballs and I decided a little nap was in order! When DH returned, he too made his way to his easy chair. It was a glorious, sunny, warm day! A nice breeze blowing through our squeaky clean screens. I know we should have probably been out enjoying the day, but we decided to enjoy our recliners instead.

I did a little painting on Sadie’s portrait till the sun went down and I lost my light. Then it was a little tv time before bed........

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