Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jan 3, 2009

Today was “chore” day. We had our usual lazy morning and breakfast. Around noon I decided it was finally time for the furballs to have a bath. They are really very good about it although I know it certainly is not their favorite activity. I was going to use the outside shower, but that side of our fifth wheel is primarily in shade and it was just to chilly today. I ended up filling a couple of smaller tubs with warm water and bathing them in the sun. Once it is over and done with I know they feel better and they definitely smell better!

Next, it was on to the laundry.......I loaded up the truck and headed over to the on site laundry at the park. I was glad to find a few other ladies there......always helps to pass the time.....

Back at the fiver we decided on soup and grilled cheese for supper. Then settled in for more football............sorry to see the Colts get beat

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