Friday, January 30, 2009

Jan 29, 2009

Ok, so today was another shopping day. Seems like we are always driving to Wal Mart for something these days. Today it was a major grocery outing. We stopped at Albertsons first and they had some good deals on produce and chicken. Next, was Wal Mart where we finished up our list. We spent about $140.00 between the two stores, but that should last us quite a while. I did spy a bumper sticker I thought my husband should have on his truck......“Why is it that I’m the only one on the planet that knows how to drive?” :)

The temps today were much warmer, but we still have a little more wind than I would like. They say the wind should decrease by tomorrow and the weekend is supposed to be very nice.

I did do some laundry today. I’m not impressed with laundry room here at southern mesa. There are 4 washers and 3 dryers. Nothing is as clean as I would like it. I know all the sand makes it difficult, but I don’t think anybody regularly cleans the place. I told DH that we needed to find a better laundry facility. I guess that kinda sums up southern mesa for me.......they are pretty lax in general about the place. Would we stay here again? Yes, the people more than make up for the management’s faults. Most of the folks here make an effort to be friendly and considerate of others. Not a lot of rules here.....just the basic: Do unto others............
Than suits us just fine.

One more plus for southern mesa. They are truly a dog friendly community. Most everyone is very conscientious about picking up and the whole barking thing. Everyone seems to understand that dogs due bark no one comes unglued about a dog barking here or there. Our dogs are usually very good, but you just never know. I guess the bottom line is we are comfortable here! And that’s a “goode” thing!!

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