Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 14, 2009

Well, what do you think of that? I have to tell you I laughed so hard I cried, but little Belle didn’t seem to mind at all. She even posed for the photo. A lot of you know Filmore the poodle....well Filmore’s mom (JoAnn) made him some leggings to wear out of children’s tights. These leggings help to keep all those sticky, prickly, things from sticking to his fur. I decided to give it a try. Although they would probably help a great deal--DH says he won’t be seen in public with a dog in tights! I have to admit she looks pretty silly. Who knew that under all that fur were toothpick legs......

We had are usual walk today (minus the tights of course) and then ended up doing exactly nothing. In fact, I even turned on the tv at about 3pm. We found a really interesting show about the MGM studios and the Hollywood legends that made Hollywood.....Hollywood. I love the old movies---I was attracted to them even as a child and I never out grew my love for them. I would have a whole collection of DVD’s if we had the space. They are movies I never tire of and can watch over and over again. Yesterday’s special reminded me of that and I just couldn’t stop smiling!

Ok, tomorrow is our big “wash” day for the rig.....I sure hope we are all sparkly and squeaky clean when it is over...........

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