Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan 15, 2009

What a day! The gentleman who is washing our rig got started around 9:30. We let the dogs out to “potty” right before he started. He started on the roof and the fun began......our dogs just don’t like the sound of someone walking around on their roof. They didn’t bark, but they were very whiny and restless. DH went out to check on the progress at one point and I was just getting starting to do some painting. What should I smell???? I turn and Cosmo had Pooped all over our living room rug. It seems he was whining for a reason, he had diarrhea. I called DH to take them out while I took on the task of cleaning the rug. It took quite a while, but I was finally successful in removing both the stain and the oder. Thank goodness for Woolite’s Pet Stain Remover.

Then my next chore is to order a land line for our stick house. I’m not going into the “why’s” of that---it just needs to be done. So, I got on the computer and decided to sign up for the “triple play” special comcast had running---internet, phone, and tv for a discounted price. Again, not going to share all my pain----BUT 3 HOURS later I finally connected with an intelligent human life form and had the deal set!! I was truly ready to “hang” myself by this point.

I grabbed by Ipod and jumped on my bike for a relaxing ride around the park. Just needed to clear my mind and let go of all the stress of the day. I was feeling much better in no time at all.

For Dinner, we met Deb and Don over at the County Club for $1.00 taco night. I had four tacos and an Amoretto Sour! I had done some mending on a motorcycle cover for them and so they picked up the tab for the evening. Not at all necessary, but very nice........Thank you Deb and Don......I hope the mending holds on the cover!!

Back at the fiver, it was time for jammies and my easy chair. I felt I had earned it today........ Oh, and yes the fiver is looking sparkling clean......the guy did a very nice job and is coming back tomorrow to wax.

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